Wedding Bells Are Ringing On Tonight’s “Shadowhunters” – Watch A Sneak Peek!

On tonight’s all-new Shadowhunters, titled “Malec,” the Institute is in full swing as everyone prepares for Alec and Lydia’s wedding. Lydia is getting the final touches made on her wedding dress, the wedding decorations are all set and Isabelle is planning to throw a traditional bachelor party for her brother.

Although it should be a time for great celebration, Alec is struggling on two sides — his wedding is one of the biggest days of his life and he and Jace, his parabatai, are still at odds, and he continues to struggle with his feelings for Magnus.

Meanwhile, Jace, Clary and Magnus go looking for warlock Ragnor Fell to try to find the antidote to awaken Jocelyn and Clary is desperately trying to work things out with Jace.

 Shadowhunters airs Tuesday, March 29 2016 at 9:00pm ET on Freeform.

Check out some clips and stills from tonight’s episode below.

Photos: John Medland/Freeform

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