Becca Moore Is All “For the Girls” with New Podcast Launching This Spring (Exclusive)

Becca Moore is bringing her hilarious stories and life advice beyond TikTok!

The LA-based influencer, who has over 1.2 million followers on the social media app, has announced she will be launching her own podcast with Pierced later this spring. Aligning perfectly with her brand, Pierced is an all-girls network that she can trust and grow with while giving more in-depth advice than TikTok’s 3-minute video limit will allow.

“I have so many stories that can’t fit in three minutes and people have been begging me to talk for longer, so we found [Pierced] here in LA that’s for girls — like a girl-only podcast network — which is perfect for my brand,” Becca tells Celeb Secrets exclusively in a virtual interview.

Teasing that the podcast will be almost identical to her viral videos on TikTok, Moore mentioned that the new project will also showcase other influencers in LA who will open up about their real-life experiences in in-depth interviews. 

“I definitely want to give girls advice,” she shares. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot because I’ve had every crazy experience there is to have at this point. Hopefully there’s no more to come, but I definitely want it to be advice based.”


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Joining her as a co-host will be actress and social media sensation Brooke Schofieldwho is best known for her part in the popular 2019 films Hook, Line and Sinker and Leave Him in the Dust. As a fellow “girl’s girl” and “LA transplant” with an unconventional upbringing, the two felt that they genuinely make the perfect pair.

Fans of Brooke may remember her as a co-host on Tana Mongeau‘s Cancelled podcast — but when that ended abruptly over the summer (which is actually returning for a “2.0” version on April 7) — Schofield turned to her bestie Becca to see if a new collaboration can be formed. 

“She actually DMed me back in July when [Canceled] with Tana [Mongeau] was put on hold,” she explains. “She needed a new co-host and asked me to replace Tana, and I was like ‘yeah, I’m down!'” 

Clarifying that her new project will be much different that Canceled, Moore says that it will be “more girl advice oriented” as the two are both “LA transplants” and have “crazy upbringings.”


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Naturally as Moore continues share more of herself with the world in her hilarious viral videos and now an in-depth podcast, criticism and hate comments are something that will sadly but surely come with the territory. Fortunately, the Ohio native has such a supportive and positive fanbase of gal pal’s that she isn’t too worried and reassures she isn’t going anywhere.

I feel like people on TikTok are so nice to me. I’m like really lucky in that way, but once it hits a different ‘for you’ page than it normally does, that’s when I know, ‘Uh oh, the men are here and they’re going to send me hate comments,'” she says. “They don’t really bother me unless I’m having a bad day, so usually I’m just able to laugh it off because girls are so defensive over me. I don’t really have to even reply, people will fight for me.”


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The TikToker got to witness first hand the degree her fans are willing to defend her when popular political commentator Ben Shapiro did a controversial segment making fun of Moore and referring to her as a “narcissist.”

“It doesn’t bother me if it’s something stupid like Ben Shapiro,” she says of the situation. “I just don’t think he’s smart enough to understand what I’m trying to say. He doesn’t get that a girl could have a sense of humor; he thinks that everything I say is legit.”

“I wasn’t hurt by it, but so many girls made videos dedicated to me saying, ‘It’s you Ben Shapiro, don’t try to dim her light.’ They were doing ‘#TeamBecca’ and everything. It makes me feel happy that they’re so invested in my life and they wanna make sure that I don’t stop making videos because men criticize me. I’m happy to say that I’m not I’m not going anywhere.”

With Moore’s growing fame has come many life changes. The influencer recently moved from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA and works full-time from home creating content. Though it sounds like a dream having so much freedom, Moore says it can be challenging being her own boss as there’s constant pressure to always be active on social media while still trying to live in the moment.

“Right now I’m so overwhelmed. I make one TikTok a day and I’m exhausted. Everyone on social media are doing things all the time and it’s hard when that’s my job,” Moore reveals. “I’m trying to limit my screen time right now, but I work from home so technically all I do all day is sit on social media. I don’t have a boss anymore to be like, ‘You have to get this done by this time,’ so that part is hard.”

“Sometimes when I’m with people or when I’m doing like things for fun I’m like, ‘I should post this.’ But then I’m like, ‘Wait, am I not living in the moment?’ I was on a date like and the entire time all I could think about was the way I was gonna make it into a TikTok. I felt so bad for the guy.”

A major TikTok following and a new podcast aren’t Moore’s only plans for the future. If things continue to go her way, fans can also expect a YouTube channel featuring the exciting and dramatic life of her and her friends, with her own show or a spot on the big screen in the near future.

“I really want to start my own YouTube channel. I feel like my friends are so funny too that I’m like, ‘oh my God I wanna have a reality show,'” she shares. “I have so much random personal drama that always goes on, so I’d love to do longer videos that actually tell my story. I also would love to get into acting… we’ll see what happens.”

For more on Becca’s latest endeavors, watch our full interview below. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for Becca and Brooke’s new podcast by giving them both a follow on Instagram at @becccamooore and @brookeschofield.

With writing and reporting by Mariah Crom.


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