Katherine McNamara Talks New Partnership With Wallflower Jeans & What’s To Come On ‘Shadowhunters’ – Read Our Exclusive Q&A!

Wallflower Jeans has announced their newest ambassador — Katherine McNamara!

The Shadowhunters actress has been a fan of the brand for many years now, so she was very excited to talk to us about the new campaign she shot for the brand in Malibu, California. She told us about how it felt to be picked as the ambassador, what were her favorite pieces from the new back-to-school line and how she likes to style her favorite pair of jeans. Plus, McNamara also told us about some exciting upcoming projects and gave us a little sneak peek into season 2 of Freeform’s series Shadowhunters — make sure to check out our exclusive Q&A with Katherine McNamara below!

The Wallflower Jeans campaign ads, which feature McNamara in the company’s denim and other pieces from the new back-to-school line, will appear in August, so be on the look out!


Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans
Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans

Celeb Secrets: You recently announced that you’re the new face of Wallflower Jeans, so congratulations! How excited were you when you got the news?

Katherine McNamara: “Thank you. I was thrilled. I grew up wearing Wallflower jeans so it’s sort of coming full circle now being the face of the brand for the next year. It’s such a great company and I love what they do in highlighting positive body image and particularly in fashion. Because there line in and of itself has so many different styles and embellishments and different fits and types, it really fits everyone, both with their body and with their sense of fashion, so really there’s something for everyone.”

Celeb Secrets: Awesome. Now the brand says it loves that its ambassadors are up-and-coming, wholesome, and mom-approved. How does it feel knowing that you’ve become such a positive role model for your fans that the brand has chosen you for its ambassador? 

Katherine McNamara: “It’s a huge honor. It’s just been my goal. Because, you know, I’m looking at being able to do what I love for a living, and through that, in this day and age with social media and everything else, it gives actors a bit of a voice and I’ve tried to use that voice in any way I can for, you know, to promote positivity and love and support for everything — just like a positive image and a positive force in a world that can have a lot of negativity. So the fact that what I’m doing is having that affect and it’s working, it’s an honor.”

Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans
Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans

Celeb Secrets: And going along with that, the brand’s campaign is called “Go Your Own Way,” so how are you possibly using social media to help encourage people to do just that?

Katherine McNamara: “Well everything that I post, whether it’s a quote or something about the show or anything like that, is always to promote sort of a community and a positive support system or whatever it is and that’s something that I’ve even seen in amongst the fans of Shadowhunters and people who send in fan letters and who post these different things that they’ve created as fan pieces to the show. I see other fans comment on them and I see how they sort of have formed this little global community of people who are supporting each other and there’s so many young artists and graphic designers and things like this who are creating this work and it’s really incredible and everybody is going their own way and supporting the show and sending in these things and really expressing themselves online in this way. Everybody is going their own way. It spreads over into fashion as well. It’s just sort of a natural progression.”

Celeb Secrets: How was it shooting your campaign? Did you have any mishaps while you were trying to get the perfect shot?

Katherine McNamara: “(Laughs) Well, one of the shots I was on a swing and that was very funny because I was trying to balance and, you know, make sure that I looked like I was in some kind of pose that could be photographed and look good. It was just really fun. It was really just a fun and relaxing day playing with denim.”

Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans
Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans

Celeb Secrets: What is it that the brand has in store for the back-to-school looks?

Katherine McNamara: “The brand has quite a bit in store for the back-to-school look. Aside from their denim, well actually one of my favorite new pieces in the denim collection, they have a lycra-infused fabric that slowly has stretch rather than stitch, so their flexible, they’re very comfortable, but they’re still fitted and they still look good on any silhouette. But also, besides the denim, Wallflower has a lot of other pieces as well. One of my favorites we shot with, we shot a few shots with it I believe, there’s these flannel/plaid shirts that have captions as embellishments and it’s sort of a vintage throwback, as well as pushing fashion towards the modern as well. It’s all about layering, I think, always, for back to school, especially that transition between summer to fall. It’s kind of the perfect piece to throw in and tie the outfit together.”

Celeb Secrets: Going along with that, can you give our readers any tips on how you like to dress up or dress down your favorite pair of jeans?

Katherine McNamara: “You can really do anything and that’s what I love about a good pair of denim is that it’s super versatile, and whether you’re going out with friends, going to a movie or going to a barbecue, you can really do whatever you want. It’s all about expressing your own personal style through what it is and going your own way no matter what you’re doing.”

Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans
Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans

Celeb Secrets: Switching gears a little bit, but are there any other projects you’re working on? 

Katherine McNamara: “I’m working on my own music right now as well, which has been a lot of fun. I’ve been very committed to it over the hiatus and that’s making strides. There’s a few Indie films that are coming. There’s one in particular called Indiscretion, which I really had an amazing time working on. It’s with Mira Sorvino, Cary Elwes and Christopher Backus. It’s sort of a political psycho drama, which was a lot of fun.”

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us a little bit about the music you’re working on? That sounds really exciting.

Katherine McNamara: “Yeah, it’s pop music and, you know, I’m working on figuring out my own sound and sort of making strides. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and to actually now have the time and space during the hiatus to really hone in on that, so I should have an EP out soon.”

Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans
Photo: Sara Jaye for Wallflower Jeans

Celeb Secrets: That’s awesome. Now can you tell us what fans can expect from the new season of Shadowhunters?

Katherine McNamara: “As you all know, we left off season 1 of Shadowhunters with a huge cliffhanger, so that only sets the spark and the ignition off for season 2. You know we have Jace and Clary in these cases where Jace is sort of floundering and tempted by the dark side and Clary’s now a little bit established in the shadow world so she has a clear mission and is ready to dive in as a part of the team and help save Jace, and also, I hear teases we’re going to see a bit of the Seelie Queen and we’re going to dive more into the parts of the shadow world that we didn’t get to see in season 1.”

Celeb Secrets: And for my last question, since we are Celeb Secrets, can you tell us a secret about yourself that your fans may not know? Or a secret from your Wallflower Jeans photoshoot?

Katherine McNamara: “Well, a good behind-the-scenes secret from the shoot is that it was so bright that day, so reflectors and umbrellas and different panels were used very creatively to make sure that I could actually have my eyes open in a few of the shots.”


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