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Matt Hamilton Opens Up About Starring Alongside Josh Peck in ‘Turner & Hooch’ Reboot (Exclusive)

Celeb Secrets spoke exclusively to Matt Hamilton to receive the inside scoop on the reboot of the iconic 1989 comedy ‘Turner & Hooch.’


In 1989, Turner & Hooch, starring legendary actor Tom Hanks, quickly became a must-watch movie in households nationwide. It was the way Hanks took on the role of Scott Turner, a police investigator based in sunny California, and how he found a furry partner in crime that won over hearts. Now, the action-packed cop comedy directed by Roger Spottiswoode left an ever-lasting impact on the film industry. 

It wasn’t until recently when Disney + decided to recreate the beloved storyline. However, this time around – Matt Nix, the creator and executive producer, McG took a risk and turned it into a series. The reboot premiered in early July, featuring Drake & Josh star Josh Peck reprising Tom Hanks’ Det. Scott Turner role and Matt Hamilton as his sidekick, US Marshal Trent Havelock. 

“I grew up loving action movies, cop stuff, and Bruce Willis movies and stuff like that,” says Hamilton in an exclusive Celeb Secrets interview. “So, being able to do action and comedy was so fun for me. I got to do a big fight scene, do some stunts, where I’m hanging upside down,” he adds about the fast-moving film and his role. 

The role as Trent Havelock came out of left field for the breakthrough actor, as he is usually seen behind the scenes as a screenwriter or has received recognition for his dynamic parts in fan-favorite TV show, SupernaturalArrow, and Marvel’s Legions. This “dream role,” which encouraged the star to step outside of his comfort zone – presented itself when he was shooting a movie in Kelowna. 

Therefore, he turned his camera on and started recording his audition tape in the middle of his hotel room with a good friend. Lucky for him, his outstanding talents scored him the chance to jump on Zoom for a callback. It wasn’t long until Hamilton joined the cast of the recently released Disney + series. “I mean it challenged myself in a sense that I have never done a big show, where I was on more than two episodes,” Hamilton told Celeb Secrets reporter Tiffany Goldstein. “You build a character, and you get a chance to kind of keep building throughout the season. So, that was pretty fun, because originally I think my character was supposed to be just four episodes.” 

However, it was the way that he tackled his tough-guy role and turned the character into a friendly foe – that convinced the writers to keep the character coming back weekly. They believed it gave the audience a space to decide whether or not they find his character attractive, humorous, or unpleasant. “This is the biggest and most favorite thing that I have done. I hope this show keeps going. I also hope that it may lead to something else that I can challenge myself more or something completely different.” 


While testing his own limits as an actor, he worked alongside and learned from award-winning thespian, Josh Peck. “He was legitimately like one of the greatest dudes to work with. I don’t think people understand how difficult his job was. I’m sure everyone’s like, ‘oh yeah, acting tough….’ But those French Mastiffs are huge muscular things,” says Hamilton about Peck’s work ethic. He continued to share a memory from when the two were busy filming an action scene for episode three and how the massive canine was pulling his co-star around and destroying the insides of his hands. Even covered with blisters and with the chance of the dog pulling his arm out of his socket, Hamilton confessed that Peck would always come to set with a smile ear to ear. 

“Most days, the dogs are beating up his hands. He also has a young song at home, so it’s super natural for him just to be frustrated, tired, have a bad attitude, or come in grumpy some days. But he never did! He was always so positive, and he’s hilarious. He’s a great at improving and just awesome to work with,” he adds. 

With their uplifting personalities, the two helped create a family-appropriate series that serves as an escape for TV-goers. The heartfelt storyline about a grown man finding a dog he didn’t want but realizing it was the partner he needed and the dash of thrill – is what makes the Disney + series a perfect fit for a nightly binge with children of all ages.  

“I think it turned into a great show for the family. You got some cop stuff, you got the action stuff, you got the comedy stuff… nothing too crazy. I think it’s a good mix for a lot of people. I also just think it’s fun,” Hamilton states, full of excitement. “It’s just a fun show that the world needs, the world’s been ending for two years now and having a show, where you can just kind of click on, just sit back and laugh – I think those things are important. So, I do believe Turner & Hooch does do a great job with that.” 

TV-goers can watch the full first season of the reboot on Disney+. The finale is now available to stream, where several suspenseful questions will be answered. Can you believe Josh Peck is following in the footsteps of Tom Hank? Let us know how you feel about the series by leaving a reaction below or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets


Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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