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“My Oh My!” Maggie Szabo’s New Single is Off The Charts – Premiere

The rising pop artist challenges you to break the rules and taste freedom.

Maggie Szabo is gearing up for the release of her new single “My Oh My” and Celeb Secrets has your first listen!

Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine a musician with vocals as strong as Ariana Grande and a sense of drive for social change and equality like Lady Gaga. Now, open your eyes and keep reading because this type of artist exists and she goes by the name of Maggie Szabo.

The Los Angeles- based power-pop queen is the ultimate storyteller with an ear for good music. Her raw, authentic, and honest ballads each deliver a valuable lesson or they spark difficult, yet necessary dialogues. Throughout the years, Szabo has become a trailblazer within the industry who uses her voice to demand change and fight for what’s right.

By using her talents and love for the arts, she strives to change the lack of representation in female producers in the industry, she continues to work with the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles or even takes a step back to educate her strong community of loyal listeners about self-love and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you listen closely and read between the lines, you will quickly learn that the dynamic songstress pulls inspiration from real-life experiences or passion. Her track “Smile” resonates with individuals struggling with heartbreak, “Sail Away” emphasizes living your best life, “Only Human” proves that you are never alone, “Don’t Give Up” speaks to the transgender youth around the world who are afraid to be their true authentic self and suffer from rejection.

Now, Maggie Szabo is encouraging her fans to break the rules and get a sense of freedom with her recently released hit “My Oh My.” “We all have our own set of rules, expectations, and how we see ourselves. But, once in a while, it can be really fun to break free of that,” says the pop star in an exclusive Celeb Secrets interview. “When people listen to ‘My Oh My,’ I want them to be inspired to do that.”

Credit: Facebook @maggieszabo

Szabo utilized her longtime friend, Chaz Mason for his songwriting capabilities and his unique use of harmonies. “He grew up singing in choirs and has the most insane ear for harmonies,” she says about the creative process. “So, we had a lot of fun building the vocal part in the chorus.”

In today’s climate, many struggle with the pressure to follow and adhere to social norms. Society has set unrealistic beauty, health, and career standards and now Szabo is using the power of music to motivate her fans to relax, let go, be themselves, and find their inner happiness.

Her uplifting and electric sound put her name on the map and turned her into a sensational solo artist. Notable DJs and producers constantly turn to Szabo to collaborate on high-profile singles, remixes, and EPs. In fact, if you turn on your E!, Disney, NBC, TV Land, Hallmark, and Netflix, you will most likely hear her music in the background.

Her remarkable vocals and empowering anthems continue to surprise the world and win over some of the biggest critics in Hollywood, including Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton, and Jennifer Hudson – who has hand-picked Szabo’s song “Love is Free” to be incorporated in the finale of The Voice on NBC

During the exclusive Celeb Secrets interview, the artist shared that she’s keeping her head down and working on new projects to keep up the momentum. While grinding in the studio, the rising star is also focusing on conveying unheard stories through her music.

“I’m finishing up more music and working on a music video based on a true story about a trans woman. It’ll be released during Pride Month and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to use my music as a way to tell a story that the world needs to hear.”

While we get ready for Pride Month and prepare ourselves to hear another transformative piece from Maggie – we are going to embrace “My Oh My,” the vibrant and up-tempo anthem that will make us feel confident and happy within our own skin. Get a taste of freedom now and include “My Oh My” on your everyday playlist. Let us know what you think of the inspiring single by leaving a comment below or by tweeting us @celebsecrets


Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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