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Sibling Duo The Pretty Wild Leans Country-Rock In Breakup Banger “On The Rocks” (Exclusive)

The Pretty Wild talks forthcoming EP and opens up about their tribute track “Wild Eyes,” dedicated to their late mother.

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Sibling duo The Pretty Wild experienced the unimaginable and recognized the precious meaning of time back in 2010, when they suddenly lost their mother to cancer. Without any hesitation, sisters Jill and Julia decided to pursue music full-time in Las Vegas and haven’t questioned their snap decision ever since.

The two are now signed musicians to Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Since breaking into the highly competitive industry, the singer-songwriters have paved their own path with their country-alternative rock sound. While their singles “XANAX & CHAMPAGNE” and “Bettin’ On Us” gave fans a glimpse of their star power, their latest single “On The Rocks” embodies who they are as artists.

The electric guitar-soaked melody is a breakup banger that displays their razor-sharp storytelling and infectious vocals. The two worked alongside rock staple Andrew Wade to produce the rowdy anthem that reflects on their musical influences and shines a light on their artistic direction. While penning the radio-ready track, the pair said they tried to emulate Carrie Underwood’s platinum-selling hit “Before He Cheats.”

“We’re very impulsive wild cards,” said Jill while laughing. “The song has a lot of energy and is very intense. This song is kind of about a breakup. So, you can imagine it’s a new-age version of ‘Before He Cheats.’ There are a lot of feelings packed and jammed into this one song. We grew up listening to Carrie Underwood. She really did carve that country-rock lane for us.”

They continued to mention that they pull from each other’s real-life experiences to cultivate relatable tracks that could resonate with their devoted fanbase. Jill pointed out that she doesn’t sit in her feelings during a breakup. Instead, waves of anger consume her – leaving the singer to pen empowerment anthems encouraging fans to evaluate their self-worth and fierce independence.

“We’re always on the rocks babe | You can’t admit you’re always toxic | I need a chaser for the years that we wasted| It’s all bitter tastin’,” they belt. “On the rocks babe | bout’ time I cut you off.”

Their electrifying sound in “On The Rocks” has already received positive praise on social media, giving the duo the confidence to lean more toward country-rock. They garnered 31.8K followers on TikTok and nearly 30K on Instagram alone from their personable live streams. Despite the support, the duo shared that breaking into this male-dominated lane has been difficult.


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“We know who we are, and that’s coming out in our music. It’s cool to see the growth online and the support. We’re showing all sides of our personalities now,” shared Julia. “I think it’s challenging because anytime you want to do something new and innovative, you get a lot of pushback. The truth is…this is who we are, and it’s always have been who we are. So, we’re excited, and I think people want this. I think a lot of the younger audiences feel like it’s an inclusive way to see country now. We’re just really stoked to be able to be part of the trailblazers to do that.”

It was in the late 1940s and early 1950s when the music scene witnessed country music and Rock & Roll have an influence on each other. After Elvis Presley appeared at the Grand Ole Opry, notable names in the country genre, like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kid Rock, and more started intertwining rock elements into their music. Most recently, genre-bending musicians such as Jelly Roll and HARDY have intertwined the two worlds to create music that fans adored from very early on.

The Pretty Wild said they are waiting for the “perfect moment” to seek advice from HARDY and Jelly Roll.

“No females are doing it. So, we want to poke our heads out and say, ‘Hey…you can do both, and you don’t have to be in this little tiny box.’ I’m sure if we are making it, there are people that like listening to it. We have HARDY’s number. I want to ensure I properly call. We’ve been talking to the right people to do some things. We’ll say that we’re excited to unveil some stuff,” they added.


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On the heels of “On The Rocks,” the duo is set to release a tribute track dedicated to their late mother. They shared that the  single is titled “Wild Eyes” and will sonically align with “On The Rocks.” The two tracks are a preview to their forthcoming EP.

“That particular song is called ‘Wild Eyes.’ It potentially will be the first track on that project, because it’s just a huge song to us. It’s very important, and we’re excited to share it with people,” uttered Jill. “We’ve been sitting on some of these songs for a few months. We’d rather release an EP and follow up with a full-length album afterward.”

The Pretty Wild did not confirm a release date, but said that fans could expect a collaboration in the summertime featuring a “male in the rock world.”

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Written by Tiffany Goldstein

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