Teddy Swims Reveals Biggest Lesson He Learned From Maren Morris Collaboration (Exclusive)

Teddy Swims has had himself a great year, as it was full of professional breakthroughs, heartbreaks and successes. His record, I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1), hit airwaves in September and has amassed over 300 million streams worldwide as well as sitting in the Top 16 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart thanks to his hit single “Lose Control.”

The Atlanta, Georgia bred singer and songwriter caught up with Celeb Secrets host Juliet Schroder on the red carpet at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, where he opened the show and gushed that he “just can’t stop smiling” amid his record year and his sore cheeks are his favorite part — for good reason.

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His emotional ballad “Some Things I’ll Never Know” opens up I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy and has recently been re-released featuring country star Maren Morris, which came out last month. The 31-year-old openly complements the person Morris is and talks about their collaboration.

“What an angel. It’s kind of weird these times, you don’t get to meet people a lot of times, when you collaborate with them but I’ve always been a huge huge fan of her,” Swims tells Schroder. “When we got to go meet finally in Nashville and do the live version together, I think we both were just healing at the same time and going through some of the same similar things, and she’s just such a mentally beautiful inside and out person and just such an amazing person.”

The “Girl” singer/songwriter joined Swims’ at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where they performed their rendition of the track together.

“We played a couple shows at the Ryman in Nashville and she got to come out and we sang it and the crowd just loved it. She’s just such a beautiful beautiful person to me and I love me some Maren Morris.”

Not only his collaborator, Swims says he considers Morris good friend now, and mentor, and discusses the biggest lessons he’s learned from working with her.

“I think I would say how to carry yourself. I don’t know if she does, but she just seems like she’s just got it all – she’s been doing this for a long time and I’m grateful to call her a friend because I’m kind of getting so brand new into this and it’s nice to have somebody like that I can just call and just say, ‘Hey, how do I preserve myself?’ Just to get some advice from her. I’ve got so many blessings from her already and so many more I can get, and hope I can return the favor to her at some point.”

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When not on the road and writing music, Swims divulges to Schroder that he’s a big family man. After three years, the singer finally got to go home for Thanksgiving this year and notes that some things are hard being a touring musician and his favorite part of this year’s celebration.

“Seeing my cousins, they all have kids, and they’re all growing and sprouting like weeds and I’ve been gone, you know, and coming home and I’m just sitting at the kid’s table and they’re all just yelling at me, all five of them at once, and you can’t respond to any of them,” he explains.

“You miss a lot of things, you know, we miss a lot of funerals and weddings and birthdays and stuff like that. I go home and get to be my family’s hero and how much it means to them to be able to provide for them in ways and I’m just so grateful to make my family proud. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

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If you’re already craving new music from Teddy, you’re in luck — the chart-topper has been hard at work writing new songs that he hopes will drop very soon.

“I just got off a writing camp yesterday and we were there for five days and I got most of the top of the year to start writing and I mean we still have so much to make music but I’m hoping that the next one is more healed music and not breakup heavy and so depressing. I’m grateful I have that outlet there so I can be happy in real life.”

As for new material and new music coming out, Teddy reveals what he thinks leads to his creativity.

“I think just try to get out of the way. It’s okay to suck. You’ll never hear any of the songs that I don’t want you to hear. I think the secret is never try to guide the act to be good. Just get the hell out of the way and let it happen. I just try to strike oil when I can and seems like something’s happening.”

In addition to new music, Swims is embarking on a continuation of his I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy Tour beginning March 22nd in Lincoln, California, and making stops in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama before wrapping up April 5th at the Tortuga Music Festival in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Tickets are on sale now, with more information HERE.

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