The Royal Twins Plan to “Have Fun” in 2021 with New Song (Listen)

Sisters Bella and Chloe sit down with Celeb Secrets for a Q&A about their latest release and more.

Janet Satanonchai

The Royal Twins are headed into the new year with one goal in mind — to have fun!

The Internet sensations are doing just that with their new song, appropriately titled “Have Fun,” which dropped on streaming platforms earlier today.

“The process started with us wanting to create a song that would be fun and cheerful. As young girls, we love to ‘Have Fun’ with our friends!” the girls say in a joint statement. “We were taught to always be positive with a smile and enjoy what we do, and that’s how our song was born. We wrote this song before COVID and now more than ever we have an appreciation to our friendships.”

Celeb Secrets sits down (virtually) with twins Bella and Chloe to learn more about their song, how they became such viral Internet sensations, and goals they’d like to achieve in 2021. Take a read at the full Q&A below and don’t forget to let us know what you think of “Have Fun” by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @celebsecrets.

You can keep up with the girls by following them on Instagram at @theroyaltwins.

Celeb Secrets: It all started with a bit of dress-up, a photo, and social media, did you both ever believe that a simple photo would have exploded to where you are now?

The Royal Twins: “We never imagined what was coming our way!  We were taking pictures on Rodeo Drive for our birthday party invites and pictures being snapped by tourists ended up going viral! And the rest became history, as they say!”

CS: Both of your lives are a little bit different, especially because you’ve grown on social media with an audience, how have you adjusted to this? Has it been fun looking back at yourselves growing up? Any favorite memories?

TRT: “There are so many amazing memories that we’ve had thanks to instagram but yes, our social media followers are family to us! We often get messages on social media from other kids who message us thanking us for inspiring them and sharing our lives with them.  There always seems to be memorable moments when working on set, modeling, walking on runways in fashion shows, commercial work and when we are having fun with our friends at events.”

CS: You both are known as the youngest fashion icons; do you have a favorite outfit or accessory? Do you have a favorite costume your mom has dressed you in?

TRT: “Thank you so much! Yes, our favorite outfits have to be our Coco Chanel outfits! We love the classic fashion trends like the quilted jackets, bowties and collared shirts and of course we do have our rock n roll moments when we wear our leather motorcycle jackets and jeans!  But overall we always add some fun over the top accessories to our outfits since we were tiny! Favorite costumes hands down are the Chanel handbag costumes that our mommy made for us! Those costumes now trend every year on Halloween thanks to the creativity that my mom envisioned thanks to us playing constantly in her closet with her handbags!” 

CS: You both play the piano, at what age did you guys start learning to play? Are there any other instruments you play?

TRT: “We began playing with the piano when we started walking but began to take lessons at the age of four. Music always fascinated us, from watching our mom play the piano to dancing around the house to music! As we began to play the piano it just felt natural to us and became much more of a passion!  We feel like music is a universal language that’s why we love it so much and grateful to be able to release our first single ‘Have Fun.’”

Janet Satanonchai

CS:  In January, you announced a single was supposed to be released in February, was this postponed and is this still something you both are pursuing?

TRT: “2020 has been a very difficult year for many of us around the world because of COVID, and that’s why our release date was pushed back and on the positive side we are thrilled that we decided on a date, New Year’s Day, which is celebrated and considered a happy holiday, which relates so much to our song since it is about having fun in life and being positive in life. We can’t wait for ‘Have Fun’ to be out and hopefully will bring a lot of happiness to our fans.”

CS: Events have been a little different this year, but have done a few drive-thru and early screening experiences, any favorite event/movie this year?

TRT: “Oh wow! It’s very hard to name just one movie or event from this year! Since the beginning of the year started with all of us being quarantined at home and when producers began the drive-through experiences they each were joyful, not just because we got the opportunity to go out but the imagination they had to organize the events where it was safe and entertaining! Ok maybe the holiday drive-throughs were a little more exciting!”

CS: Did you have a favorite song of 2020?

TRT: “Favorite song for us is our song ‘Have Fun’ — ok ok let’s get real here lol” 

Bella: “‘Underdog’ by Alicia Keys.”

Chloe: “‘Therefore I Am’ by Billie Eilish. 

Celeb Secrets: Do you have any goals for 2021?

TRT: “We’ll continue to write music and hopefully be able to perform our songs to a live audience. We are also anxious to be able to travel again to see our family in the Middle East and New York.”

CS: Since we’re Celeb Secrets, can you share a secret or fun fact about yourselves that our readers wouldn’t know about you?

TRT: There are so many things that people may not know about us, but we will share two things. I [Bella] am left handed and [Chloe] is right handed. We also have a collection of snow globes from where we’ve traveled and hopefully we will be able to collect more in the future!”


Written by Celeb Secrets Staff

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