Hannah Ellis Talks Revealing A New Layer of Vulnerability in New Album “That Girl” (Exclusive)

A new year calls for a new story for Hannah Ellis to tell.

The Kentucky-born artist just bared her long-awaited debut album, That Girl today (January 12), and the 13-track collection is infused with honest lyricism and a scope of life, her real-life love story, heartbreak and everything in between.

The Curb Records songstress is laying her hair down and unveiling new parts of her chapters. Her hopes on the new record? That everybody takes the ride.

“I really hope that people will just hit play on the very first song which is “Country Can,” and go on the whole journey with me instead of just going, ‘Oh, I already know this song. Let me see what else is new.’ I really want people to listen to it as a whole thought because that’s how I laid it out,” Ellis tells Celeb Secrets Country exclusively.

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Before today’s release, the country singer/songwriter offered a tasting of her highly-anticipated debut, including her sassy summer singleWine Country,” “Us” and heartbreaker “Someone Else’s Heartbreak;” a vulnerable track she wrote from the perspective of her sister’s heartbreak and spoke to us about last February. But that isn’t the only raw, honest track on the project.

“There’s a song called ‘Still’ on this project, and it’s a song that I wrote towards my friend. And so not, it’s not really my love story or what I’ve gone through, it’s literally a song for a friend. So I hope when people listen to it they go, ‘Oh, I know exactly which person needs to hear this song,” Ellis spills.

“It’s more of a song that’s about me seeing a friend go through something, continue to date the same person, continue to let someone that doesn’t love them, well, pretend to love them, and I think that it’s a really unique perspective that I think is something that I haven’t really heard a lot of songs like that, so I’m excited for people to hear that one.”

According to the Nashville-based country music breakout of 2023, there was one song on the project she felt the most vulnerable writing. “Too Much And Not Enough,” written with Emily Weisband and Tofer Brown, is a poignant track depicting the downside of putting your all on social media.

“‘Too Much And Not Enough’ is the last song on the record. I think that some people will probably think it’s an interesting choice to land on a song that’s extremely introspective and extremely honest and vulnerable. But I feel like that’s where I wanted to land because there’s still so much to the story left. We’re gonna put out more music. We’re gonna have the rest of the story. But I just wanted to take people on this on this journey of like, Happy Hannah, In Love Hannah, and then arrive here at this place. If you’ve listened to the other 12 songs, then you really know me now. Let’s get really deep and really vulnerable and I’m just excited for it.”


“Too Much & Not Enough” Track 13. #ThatGirl

♬ Too Much And Not Enough – Hannah Ellis

When asked why “That Girl” is the name of the album, Ellis reveals that it’s “such a tell all of my personality.”

“When I was younger, I was constantly trying to just become this ideal version of whatever I thought I was supposed to be or whatever the ideal girl, if you will, and as I’ve grown through the songs and through the time that I wrote this record. I realize that it’s just embracing who you are. I think that song really captures that. It says, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m gonna cry over the breakup. I’m gonna get too excited at the parties. I’m gonna fall too hard and care too much.’ And that’s just me. I wear my heart on my sleeve and take it or leave it baby!”

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