Justin Bieber Topples Kendall Jenner from her Instagram Throne

After a year of holding the title of the most liked Instagram picture, Kendall Jenner has passed the torch to non other than Justin Beiber.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez haven’t been a couple for a few years now, but that hasn’t stopped Justin from expressing his feelings not only through his music, but on his social media presence. Back in March, Bieber posted a throwback picture of himself and Selena Gomez kissing in a swimming pool. The picture captioned “Feels”, unleashed a lot of emotion. In less than two month, the smooch has earned over 3.62 million likes (and counting), thousands more than Kendall’s heart-shaped hair picture.
Jenner’s picture, posted in May of 2015 with the caption “❤” has 3.57 millon likes.


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